SDG is the acronym for the Latin phrase – Soli Deo Gloria, meaning: Glory to God alone. This name was chosen to acknowledge God as the Master Artist responsible for the beauty seen throughout nature. The sophistication and beauty in nature is not only evidence for His existence, but also for His creative brilliance! (Attached is an article regarding the biblical account of creation. Any feedback is welcome.)

Based in the North York area of Toronto, the business started as SDG Cards and later began offering usage of the photography after receiving an inquiry about obtaining exclusive rights to images. A primary purpose of the business is to honour God through honest and diligent work.

The aim of the photographer (Michael Deacon) is to capture the elegance of nature. Editing is therefore minimal, such that the photography accurately reflects the subject matter’s real life qualities. As a former skeptic turned believer, Michael has visited numerous places mentioned in the Bible which still bear the marks of what was recorded in Scripture (examples are shown on the Biblical Places page). Observing such sites has reinforced his certainty regarding the Bible’s trustworthiness.