Exclusive Rights to Banners


A company’s image makes an impression – either good, or not-so-good. Having elegant photography for marketing is therefore a worthwhile investment. Yet since a Non-exclusive photo can be used by dozens of companies, competitors sometimes end up using the same stock photo. This looks unprofessional, and can cause people to assume the companies are associated with each other.

An Exclusive photo gives a distinctive look. It cannot be used by anyone else, and can serve as a trademark image. Exclusivity is usually a luxury reserved for large corporations since the costs are so high. Exclusive Ownership of a nature photo from the leading stock image companies costs between $25,000 and $60,000 (in Canadian dollars). Why so ridiculously expensive? Because otherwise they could sell the same image to hundreds of customers on Non-exclusive terms.

In contrast: SDG Imagery offers Exclusive Ownership to Banner Photos for $900 (Premium Selections $1500). You gain Full Copyrights and Exclusive Rights as the sole owner. The photo can be utilized how ever you wish: web design, commercial products (including resale of the image), advertisements, brochures, etc. To request images contact 647-532-5344 info@sdgimagery.com

Payment can be made by E-transfer, Cheque, and PayPal

info@sdgimagery.com   647-532-5344