Exclusive Rights


A company’s visual presentation leaves potential clients with an impression. Having elegant images for marketing can therefore be a worthwhile investment. Yet since a non-exclusive image can be used by dozens of companies, it is not uncommon for competitors to be using the same stock photo. This can appear unprofessional, or can cause people to assume the companies are associated with each other…

By contrast: an exclusive photo gives a certain prestige and a distinctive look. It cannot be used by anyone else at the same time, and can therefore serve as a trademark image for a company. Exclusivity is usually a luxury reserved for large corporations since the costs are so high. For a single nature image, the leading photo agency charges $15,075 (plus up to $15,000 license fees) for one year exclusivity, and $60,000 for copyright buyout.

In comparison, SDG imagery offers exclusive rights to Nature Scenes with remarkable affordability: $1000* for one year, and $3000 for copyright buyout. Premium Selections are $1500 for one year, and $5000 for copyright buyout. Discounts are available for multiple photos, and additional discounts are offered to registered charities.

An image could be utilized for numerous purposes simultaneously such as the design of websites, advertisements, brochures, annual reports, stationery, etc. Commercial uses are permitted and the terms are very straightforward (shown at bottom of page). To request images simply contact 647-532-5344 / info@sdgimagery.com or complete the form below.

* pricing in Canadian dollars




1.   The Buyer gains exclusive rights to the image beginning upon payment until one year after the image is delivered by email. No one else – no person, organization, nor company, including SDG imagery – may use the image at the same time

2.   With the exception of selling image usage rights to a third party, the Buyer gains unlimited use of the image during the one year period.

3.   The Buyer has the option of renewing at the end of the one year period. If it is not renewed, the Buyer will cease using the image in any form.

4.   SDG imagery remains the primary copyright owner of the image.



1.   The Buyer gains full copyrights to the image upon payment and becomes the sole owner.

2.   SDG imagery relinquishes all rights to the image and will cease using the image in any form.

Payment can be made by E-transfer, Cheque, and PayPal

info@sdgimagery.com   647-532-5344