Exclusive Rights to Photos


Exclusive Ownership offered at rates affordable for small businesses

Your company’s visual presentation makes an important first impression on potential customers. Having unique, elegant photography for marketing can therefore be a worthwhile investment.

Many companies use stock images which are Non-exclusive.  This means a photo can be used by hundreds of different companies at the same time. And because companies in the same industry tend to look for similar kinds of images, competitors sometimes end up in the awkward position of using an identical stock photo.

In contrast, purchasing a photo with Exclusive Rights guarantees a distinctive look for your company since the image cannot be used by anyone else. An Exclusive photo becomes like a trademark, unique to your own company. Exclusivity is usually a luxury reserved for large corporations since the costs are so high. A quick inquiry with a large stock photo company will confirm that Exclusive Ownership of a nature photo costs about $60,000! Why so ridiculously expensive? Because they could otherwise sell the image to countless customers at the same time on Non-exclusive terms.

SDG Imagery offers Exclusive Ownership at rates affordable for small businesses. Images are categorized as Platinum, Gold, or Silver and priced* as follows.

Nature Scenes:

$3000 – Silver

$5000 – Gold

$7000 – Platinum


$1500 – Silver

$2500 – Gold

$3500 – Platinum

There’s no complicated contract limiting your usage rights. Upon purchase you become the Sole Owner and gain Full Copyrights to the image. The photo can be utilized in whatever ways you wish: for advertisements, websites, commercial products (such as greeting cards, book covers, calendars, even resale of the digital image), etc.

For further information, please contact 647-532-5344 info@sdgimagery.com

*Prices in Canadian dollars

Payment can be made by E-transfer, Cheque, and PayPal