License: 1 Year Exclusivity

1. The Buyer gains exclusive rights to the image beginning upon payment until one year after the image is delivered by email. No one else – no person, organization, nor company, including SDG imagery – may use the image at the same time

2. With the exception of selling image usage rights to a third party, the Buyer gains unlimited use of the image during the one year period.

3. The Buyer has the option of renewing at the end of the one year period. If it is not renewed, the Buyer will cease using the image in any form.

4. SDG imagery remains the primary copyright owner of the image.

Holly berries (4896 x 3672 px) - Gold
Birds in flight (4896 x 3672 px) - Gold
Sunlight through colourful leaves (4896 x 3672 px) - Gold
Tulip (4884 x 3256 px) - Gold
Closeup of Orange Tulip (5184 x 3456 px) - Platinum
Droplet on leaf (4896 x 3672 px) - Gold
Calystegia Sepium (3621 × 2716 px) - Gold
Sunlit treetops (5184 x 3456 px) - Silver
Trillium in sunlight (5184 x 3456 px) - Gold
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